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The process of take away food container making machine

1. Take away food container making machine is a fully functional thermoforming machine that combines vacuum forming and cutting. No workers are required between forming and cutting.

2, can produce plastic foam food boxes/containers, foam (egg/meat) tray, hamburger box, foam plate/bowl, fruit tray, etc. The invention has the characteristics of impact resistance, compression resistance, heat preservation and so on.

3. Remote infrared ceramic heater is adopted in the heating area with stable and even temperature.

4. The Take away food container making machine adopts the digital temperature system, which makes it convenient for workers to quickly understand the temperature of each heating area. And easy to operate, high efficiency.

5. Japanese servo motor drive, mitsubishi PLC mechatronics control, touch screen operation.

6. It has the characteristics of stability and reliability, large forming area, high speed, high degree of automation, manpower and economy.

7. It has installed automatic pneumatic devices in the feeding area, which reduces the labor force.

8. The Take away food container making machine adopts advanced PLC control system, which can automatically complete a series of tasks such as feeding, heating, thermoforming, cooling, mold drawing, cutting and stacking.

9. Integrated shape and cut in one, vacuum forming, stamping and comprehensive forming, can be used for all kinds of plastic plate processing.
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