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The materials and working process of polystyrene foam food container production line

Polystyrene foam food containers production line is mainly used to produce polystyrene foam food containers. Foamed plastic food boxes, food plates, egg holders and hamburger boxes, etc. The material is GPPS.

Polystyrene foam food container production line can be made into the shape of PS foam food container according to individual needs.

PS foamed plastic extruder adopts gentian type double - stage series high foaming technology and takes ordinary polystyrene particles as raw materials. In the extrusion process, foaming agent is injected under high pressure. After extrusion, foaming, cooling, molding and drawing, the finished PS foamed plastic coil is wound.

The automatic PS foam food container moulding machine on the polystyrene foam food container production line is a full-function thermal moulding machine integrating shape parts and cutting parts. Compared with the semi-automatic moulding machine, it has the advantages of high efficiency and saving manpower, and can be used for processing various plastic plates.

PS foam food container molding machine adopts digital system, automatic PLC electromechanical integration control, touch screen control work program, simple operation, high efficiency. It has the characteristics of stability and reliability, large forming area, high speed, high degree of automation, manpower and economy.
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