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The introduction of ps foam food container production line

The ps foam food container production line includes three main parts:

1.PS foam sheet extrusion line: making PS foam sheet.
2. Automatic shaping cutting machine: shaping, cutting, stacking and receiving.
3.PS recycling machine: recycle waste paper into particles.

The ps foam food container production line adopts twin-screw foaming sheet extrusion process, PSP foaming sheet is a new type of thermal insulation material, with the characteristics of thermal insulation, safety, health, good plasticity, mainly used for making all kinds of food containers. Fully automatic forming cutting machine is used for forming, cutting and stacking on the same machine, which can save manpower, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity and reduce production cost. It can be used to produce a variety of materials from changing molds. PS waste plastic recycling machine is used to recycle waste plastic materials, it is equipped with automatic constant temperature, electric screen filter. This machine can also be matched with the loader, in a set of vacuum forming and cutting function in one of the automatic thermoforming machine on the extrusion material granulating, processing various plastic plates at the same time.

The ps foam food container production line realizes automatic vacuum forming and cutting of extruded materials. At the same time, ps foam food container production line uses computer digital system, PLC mechatronics automatic control and touch screen control work program, easy to operate, high production efficiency. It can produce PS foam food container, foam tray, hamburger box, egg holder and so on.
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