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The composition of ps foam food container production line

The composition of ps foam food container production line:

1. Polystyrene foam extruder: prepare polystyrene foam from raw materials.
2. Automatic molding cutting machine: make PS sheet into finished products, such as PS foam tray, PS foam box, etc. (mold can be designed according to customer requirements).
3. Plastic recycling machine: recycle the waste into particles, which can be mixed with new materials, and then put into the polystyrene foam extruder.

The working flow of ps foam food container production line:

Raw materials -(PS foam sheet extrusion line)- foam sheet -(food box forming machine)- food box - plastic recycling machine - plastic particles (this part can be used as raw materials)- foam sheet.

Features of automatic forming machine on ps foam food container production line:
This machine is designed by our company and has complete functions. Its main methods are vacuum forming, stamping forming and comprehensive forming. Can be used for all kinds of plastic sheet molding. This machine adopts PLC control, the unit is stable and reliable, the forming area is big, the production efficiency is high, the automation degree is high. This machine is mainly used to produce food containers, trays, bowls, cups and other PSP materials. Forming, cutting and stacking on the same machine saves manpower, improves efficiency, reduces labor intensity and reduces production cost.

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