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Nowadays you can find molded pulp packaging everywhere, they are the substitute for plastic packaging because of its environmental performance and low production cost.
Pulp molding machine is widely used in the following filed:

---Chicken egg packaging used for storage and transportation in a chicken farm, supermarket etc.


---Waste paper recycling used in papermaking factory.
---Fruit packaging used in orchard fruit products storage and transportation.


---Industrial packaging, like electrical products packaging, shoe support, electronic products packaging, instrument packaging, glass wine bottle trays etc.


--- Pulp molded tableware can be applied to dishware, bowl, fast food tray, cup carrier and more. These molded fiber products are featured with elegant appearance, good stiffness, lightweight and are easy to be stored and transported.


They are water & oil proof and can be frozen by the refrigerator or heated up by the microwave oven, which is suitable for eating habits of modern people and fast food processing. According to a study, one ton of paper pulp can produce 40 thousands of 600ml standard dishware.

PS foam food container production line is widely used in the following filed:
---Fast food storage and transportation in restaurant
---PS foam material ceiling production factory.
---Plastic material recycle factory.
---All kinds of PS foam food box, food plate, food dish, food bowl, cups…
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