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After-Sale Service

Installing Terms:

1. To offer technical documents:

a. Layout drawings of production line.
b. Construction foundation drawings for production line.
c. Operation manual.
d. Technology formula.

2. Technical assistance:

a. Direct and monitor the installation process.
b. Supervision of testing and commissioning.

3. Training (option of a or b, or both of them are adopted)

a. The Buyer sends personnel to the seller's plant for training.
b. Normal training: installation engineers will teach workers during installation and commissioning in buyer’s plant, buyer should selected the workers who will keep staying in buyer's plant for at least 6 months to take the training curriculum.

a. It will take about 30 days for installation, testing and commissioning, normal training, etc. for each production line, but the plant building, foundation, water, electric power, fuel supply, etc. shall be prepared by the buyer in advance before installation.

b. The quotation does not include the following items:
(1) The building of the plant.
(2) The construction foundation of the equipment.
(3) The first power cable and transformer.
(4) The charges related to installation engineers.
(5) Ocean freight, unloading charges, insurance and any taxes.

c. The seller shall send engineers to the buyer's contract plant site for the direction of installation, testing and commissioning, training of operation.
(1) Buyer shall pay 80USD/person/day to seller’s engineers when they are in buyer’s country.
(2) The seller's technical personnel shall not work more than 8 hours per day.
(3) The hotel or home, meals of the seller's engineer, travel cost, and other cost inside buyer’s country shall be at the buyer's charge.
(4) The VISA cost and airline round-trip tickets from Yantai to buyer’s country at the buyer’s charge.
(5) Installation and training of all time shall not exceed determined time beforehand. If the reason of delay is caused by buyer, buyer should pay for the extra salary (100USD /day/engineer).

4. The buyer's obligation

(1) The Buyer shall supply tools, materials or equipment and 4-6 workers (they should be an electrician,an machine erector, an electric welder and an plumber ), for completion of the installation and test at his own expense.
(2) The Buyer shall offer other convenience and assistance necessary for the completion of erection and test.
(3) The seller shall cooperate with the buyer handle visa actively provide all the material needed for visa. If the buyer or government visa problems caused, installed cycle impact not as the responsibility of the seller
(4) The buyer shall ensure that the engineer from seller all the safety problems and domestic during the installation. Suggestion: INSURANCE.