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Technique Support

Pulp Molding Machine is a high efficiency, widely used pulp molding equipment. Its working principle is: continuous rotary pulp molded products, batch stop transfer pulp molded products. Wherein in the pulp molding apparatus, the swivel part rotates, stops, rotates, stops, etc. Thus, the intermittent exercise is repeated. Specifically, when one side of the pulp molding mold is immersed in the pulp below, the transfer is halted, the molding die sucked in, and the pulp fiber is attached to the mold; as the drum rotates, the molding die leaves the pulp, and the vacuum is maintained. 

After the product reaches the horizontal position of the transfer, the drum stops rotating, the mold is transferred close to the product, the compressed air is blown into the mold at the transfer position, the mold is transferred and the air is blown to the pulp mold Transfer mold; transfer mold to keep the vacuum, do not let the product fall. Then transfer the mold vacuum into compressed air blowing, making the product drop. And then transfer the movement of the pendulum mechanism of the mold to transfer the mold to move away from the forming mold and move to the conveying device for placing the product.

At this time, the vacuum of the transferring mold is converted to compressed air blowing to drop the product. In the process of transferring the mold to transfer the product near to the mold, the other forming surface of the drum is immersed in the pulp just for inspiration, so that the pulp is adsorbed on the mold and formed. During the transfer of the mold transfer product, it leaves the horizontal mold, at which time the drum continues to rotate, and when the next set of molds reaches the transfer position, the transfer of the next product is performed. This cycle, continuous production of paper products.