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Egg Tray Production Line

The egg tray production line is a complete production line for the manufacture of paper egg trays, including all equipment and components from a series of production processes, including waste paper crushing, pulp making, pulp mixing, pulp supplying, egg tray vacuum forming and egg tray drying.

Types of Egg Tray Production Line

Features of Egg Tray Production Line

The raw materials for the production of paper egg trays are all kinds of waste paper products, such as newspaper egg trays, carton egg trays, corrugated egg trays, etc., and the treated plant stems and leaves can also be used to produce egg trays, such as industrial cannabis egg trays, bananas leaf egg tray and so on. The raw material of the egg tray is processed into pulp, which is vacuum-adsorbed into the mold, and then dried to obtain the final product, paper egg tray.

Longkou City Hongrun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. produces a variety of egg tray production lines to meet the needs of different customers. The small production line is suitable for small workshops and small farmers. The medium and large production lines are suitable for the Investors and producers who are especially in egg tray production.

In recent years, the entire production process from the raw waste paper processing, the egg tray production line produced by Hongrun Machinery has invested in research and development in terms of improving automation and production efficiency, which makes the production of egg trays more automated and the production efficiency has been improved greatly.

In addition, Hongrun Machinery is committed to the production concept of low-energy, environmentally-friendly equipment, and strives to improve energy consumption and environmentally friendly design of equipment.