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Egg Carton Production Line

The egg box production line is an emerging production line. The paper egg box produced by it has the advantages of being more environmentally friendly, tough, low price and degradable, and has gradually replaced the previous PP and PET plastic egg boxes.

The market demand for paper egg boxes is mainly due to the demand for high-grade egg packaging and the sale of a small amount of egg trays in supermarkets. The market scope is different from ordinary paper egg trays, and the profits are higher.

Types of Egg Carton Production Line

Features of Egg Carton Production Line

The paper egg box production line produced by Hongrun Machinery needs to include all the production equipment of the paper egg tray production line. At the same time, in the molding system, our company has designed a unique transfer mode to adapt to the deep egg box molding. However, after drying the paper egg box can't meet the market requirements, so Hongrun Machinery independently developed a fully automatic heat setting system, which can be used for the processing of the paper egg box after drying, so that the surface is smoother and more beautiful.

In addition, according to the needs of different customers, but also with the production line can also be equipped with a marking machine or labeling machine, in order to print different signs or logos on the surface of the egg box, or affix advertising labels. The egg box production line produced by Hongrun Machinery has a stable production capacity and has higher production efficiency than the previous reciprocating production equipment.