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Production process and characteristics of egg carton making machine

Egg carton paper pulp production process using some people are not particularly understand, don't know how to use the manual egg carton making machine to packaging paper pulp production, can't use the manual egg carton making machine to make egg carton, but the process is not difficult, today our company is here to explain the use of manual egg carton making machine for pulp packaging production process and some of its characteristics.

Pulp molding high-grade packaging production line production process is: first of all, workers will feed raw materials into the shredder, complete the pulp, and then the pulp automatically into the automatic molding machine pulp box, and then will be fully automatic completion of molding, drying, hot pressing process, the finished products automatically sent out by manual packaging can be. According to the requirements of different customers, some products need one more cutting process. This process currently needs to be completed manually, and users can choose and match according to the actual needs.

Manual egg carton making machine will be molded pulp production molding, drying, hot press three processes automatically in a row, especially suitable for higher wages, land production workshop more expensive place, has the following features:

1. High automatic degree and the artificial need for pulping and collect the finished product, the production process does not need to be assisted, one person can operate multiple devices, save manpower, and the intensity of labor is also small.

2. Only need small floor space.

3. The production of both sides of the product smooth, high density, so the stiffness is good, the surface of the product is not easy to drop confetti
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