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Pulp Molding Industry

The pulp molding industry has a history of more than 80 years in some developed countries. At present, there are quite a few pulp molding industries in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, and Singapore scale. Among them, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Canada are larger and their technology is more mature.

China's pulp molding industry started late, until now, China's pulp molded products are mainly egg tray, bottle holder, fruit tray, mainly in Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other provinces in Northeast China area.

Since 1993, due to the eastward shift of the world's processing industry, the export of foreign-related products to China requires the use of environmentally-friendly packaging. Pulp molded products have begun to be used in electronic devices, household appliances, instrumentation, hardware and tools, communications equipment, foodstuffs, agricultural products, daily necessities, lighting and other industrial products lining shockproof packaging development. In the packaging of the buffer protection performance, within a certain range can be comparable with the white foam, and the price is lower than the liner packaging, and soon accepted by the market. First of all, it developed rapidly in Guangdong and then to East China and North China.

Since 2000, pulp molding industry in our country has another new leap forward, adding a big family, that is, a series of pulp molding disposable tableware products. After several years of hard work, China's pulp molding disposable tableware production technology, technology, and equipment have developed rapidly in the species, has developed a variety of cold and hot meals required for various dishes (such as fast food Boxes, all kinds of size Huai, disc, plate, bowl); supermarket used in a variety of food dishes, vegetables, fruit dishes and so on. In performance, has been fully able to meet the Chinese diet, can dress hot soup oil, no leakage requirements.

Since then, the pulp molding industry with its environmental vitality in the rapid growth and expansion in China, and now, began to move toward large-scale, industrialization. At present, China pulp molding series represented by pulp molding industrial packaging has taken China's pulp molding industry to a new height and has become an important part of China's packaging industry, especially environmental protection packaging.

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