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New Technology Of Pulp Molding

After years of hard work, China's pulp molding technology has enjoyed encouraging developments and in some aspects has reached the world advanced level. In the meantime, in order to adapt to the development of the society, new equipment, and the new technology of pulp molding have also emerged continuously, which greatly promoted the development of pulp molding equipment industry.

Molding pulp molding process, the vast majority of energy consumption has been used in the dehydration and drying process. In general, 96% of the water is removed during the forming process, 2.5% of the water is removed during the pressing process and 1.5% of the water is removed during the drying process. If forming dehydration is used as a benchmark, the dehydration ratio during forming, pressing and drying is 100: 2.60: 1.56, and the ratio of energy costs for dehydration is 1: 50: 300. Thus, it can be seen that it is used in the drying process The energy consumption is quite large. Its cost accounts for about 15-30% of the cost of pulp molding. Therefore, in the drying process how to choose energy efficient and reduce energy consumption, is the key to reducing costs, which improve product competitiveness and improve economic efficiency has an extremely important role.

1. Thermal superconducting heat transfer technology

The use of thermal superconducting heat transfer technology is an effective measure to reduce drying energy consumption. Thermal superconducting technology is the use of thermal superconducting elements in the special medium molecules of high-speed oscillating friction for thermal conduction. Thermal superconducting elements in the heat excited heat from one end of the rapid transfer to the other end, the heat transfer rate is silver more than 7000 times the heat in the transfer process almost no loss, thermal resistance close to 0, higher thermal efficiency, the use of the range 35-1730 ℃, with good isothermal and long-distance heat transfer and so on.

2. Microwave heating technology

Using microwave heating technology is another effective measure to reduce energy consumption and improve product quality. The basic principle of microwave heating is the material in the microwave field, subject to changes in the frequency of the electric field, the polar molecules swiftly swing, due to the molecular heat movement and the interaction between adjacent molecules, and produce heat, so produce The size of thermal energy depends on the type of material and its electrical properties. In addition, the ions in the material also generate motion under the action of an external electric field, colliding with the molecules of the object and causing heat generation.

3. Sintering mold

At present, most of the pulp molded products produced in our country are the fiber thin shell structure formed after the fiber deposition. The characteristics are that the product thickness is basically the same, and the packaging products with a complex shape to survive have high requirements on the design and manufacture of the mold. Molding is more complicated, to a certain extent, limited the general promotion in the packaging industry. The new mold can effectively solve this problem. Representative is the sintering mold. Such mold by the spherical glass, steel, copper and other raw materials, using sintering and bonding methods and made. The surface has a certain diameter of the tunnel, breathable and drainage performance is better. Usually divided into two layers, namely, forming layer and support layer. This mold can be used to produce office high flatness, meshless goods complex shape of pulp molded products.

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