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The Development Trend of Take Away Food is Good

The take away food industry is a typical fast-moving consumer goods industry. It mainly depends on fast turnover and repeated purchases and consumption of consumers to expand its scale and business income. With the continuous improvement of modernization level and the acceleration of people's life rhythm, this industry is also growing continuously and promoting the take away food box making machine industry.

The pace of urbanization is accelerating and the food market is growing rapidly.

The Chinese government has included "deep urbanization" in its policy objectives for the next decade. At present, China's urbanization rate is 51%. Assuming that China's urbanization rate will reach 60% by 2020, and 120 million new people will live and work in cities. According to the survey, the per capita consumption of food and beverage in urban areas is 2.5 times that in rural areas, and the gap has been widening since 1985. Assuming this trend continues, the total food consumption of urban residents will increase by 85% to 7 trillion RMB by 2020. Changes in population distribution will create a huge potential market for food and beverage companies and take away food box making machine industry. It is expected that the higher the urbanization rate, the more popular brand fast food will be. Therefore, the take away food box making machine industry has also developed.

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