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Take Away food development trend is so good, and Food Machinery Can Share a Piece of Soup

Most of the food for sale that consumers usually see on the shelves is processed strictly by the factory's take away food box making machine, then packaged and shaped. After being transported to consumers, the processing links are inseparable from the close contact with the take away food box making machine and other food machinery and equipment. Food and food machinery development complement each other, especially in the context of the great development of modern industry, more and more food machinery into food processing. In addition, the increase of human cost also makes food processing enterprises choose machine production, which not only effectively controls the cost, but also improves the efficiency.

The good development trend of take away food witnesses the "immortal legend" of the food industry. Food machinery, as an important part of the food industry, directly serves the food industry. It is understood that the market size of China's food machinery industry reached 7.2 billion yuan in 2006, 8.5 billion yuan in 2007, an increase of 18.1%, 9.7 billion yuan in 2008, an increase of 14.1%, 11.3 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 16.5%, 13.6 billion yuan in 2010, an increase of 20.4%. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the market scale of the food machinery industry of take away food box making machine will continue to grow at a high speed. It is expected that the market scale will reach 39.8 billion yuan by 2015.

However, in the long run, the food machinery industry can not rely on good market complacency, but rely on its own strength to stabilize the market. It is understood that there is a big gap between China's food machinery industry and developed countries. With the opening of China's market, more and more foreign brands are coming with strong economic strength and technological strength. If domestic enterprises have no sense of worry or will be eliminated in the market competition, only through technological innovation and continuous improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises' products, can they be "like fish in water".

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