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Take Away Food B2B Reshapes Industry Ecologic Logic

Enhance the efficiency of the whole link by large data analysis

Technically, take away B2B is based on big data analysis; functionally take away B2B solves many problems that plague traditional channels, and its upgrading effect on traditional channels is mainly reflected in three aspects: firstly, it shortens the supply chain level of take away food box machines and reduces the cost of price increase at different levels; secondly, it improves the efficiency of take away warehouse allocation, reduces the waste of resources and reduces operating costs; thirdly, it realizes the data visualization of the whole information of the take away food box machine supply chain, which can effectively assist the upstream brand merchants in product analysis, development and marketing.

Comparative Analysis of B2B Business Model of Take Away Food in China

Self-management&matching: There is a bigger room for growth

The differences between self-operation mode and matchmaking mode are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the participation degree of supply chain is different, self-operation B2B platform directly connects into supply chain and becomes a participant, directly competes with take away food box machine distributors and wholesalers, which seriously affects the original supply chain structure; matching B2B platform empowers all parties of supply chain with the attitude of service provider. Second, the business model is different in severity. The self-management model requires e-commerce to build warehousing and distribution facilities by themselves, to open up Unicom brand companies and retail stores downwards, with large capital and labor input. The main cost of the matching model lies in platform construction and service, and the model is relatively light. Third, the profit model is different. Self-owned B2B e-commerce mainly gains profits by selling price differentials, and matching B2B platform mainly gains profits by providing value-added services such as advertising, marketing, finance, data analysis to brands, distributors and retail stores. At present, the head enterprises of the industry adopt both self-management mode and matching mode, and at the same time, there are many head enterprises that integrate the advantages of the two. In the future, both self-management mode and matching mode will have greater room for growth. What kind of mode should enterprises adopt to build supply chain system and choose suitable mode according to their own resources and advantages?

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