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Take away Consumer B2B: Reshaping Industry Ecologic Logic, Wide Market Development Space

Take away consumer goods are the largest consumption of residents. Fast consumer B2B reshapes the Ecological Logic of the industry, improves the efficiency of the whole link, and has broad market development space.

•Take away consumer goods are the largest consumption of residents, and they play an important role in the consumption of residents.

•Take away consumer B2B reshapes the industry's ecological logic: take away food box machine integrates traditional channel supply channels to improve the efficiency of the whole link.

•In 2017, China's take away consumer B2B market was trading at 150.7 billion yuan, with a broad market development space.

Take away consumer B2B industry has entered a rational development period, and the concentration is constantly increasing. The key to competition lies in improving the supply chain capability of take away food box machine.

•The improvement of industry concentration shows two "heads": the head effect of national and regional e-commerce is more obvious.

•The construction of supply chain system takes store acquisition and store service capability as two grasps, and thus establishes the evaluation index of supply chain.

•In order to obtain stores efficiently, take food consumer B2B enterprises should break through the obstacles of traditional take away consumer channels, the matching degree between supply chain and commodity category, and the matching degree between supply chain and region.

•In order to improve the service ability of stores, take away consumer B2B enterprises should make breakthroughs in resolving timely delivery of the last kilometre and dynamic adjustment of product mix of stores.

Take away consumer B2B enterprises take away food box machinesupply chain accelerates the depression and regional integration, and will accelerate its development under the impetus of Industrial Internet

•Channel sinking: the blue sea of take away consumer goods in cities and rural areas below the third line.

•Integration Trend: Take away consumer B2B enterprises will compete more fiercely and coexist with traditional channels for a long time.

•Industry Gospel: Industrial Internet speeds up and deepens the development of B2B industry chain.

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