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Recycling and Utilization of Fast Food Container

It is reported that the disposable foam fast food box is changed from "Prohibition of the production and sales and use of foam fast food container machine" to "allow the use of foam lunch boxes, the use of circular economy concept, implementation of recycling" policy. It changes from "prohibition" to "circular economy, recycling and utilization". Recycling and degradation technologies are parallel.

The dual-track technology of recycling and degradation is the inevitable trend to control the white pollution of disposable fast food utensils. Strengthening the recycling and utilization of plastic packaging wastes can not only effectively control white pollution, but also achieve the reuse of resources and solve the "potential hazards" to the environment. It fully conforms to the concept of resource conservation, environmental harmony and circular economy, and is the mainstream of packaging industry development in the world. In real life, not all foam fast food box packaging waste produced by the foam fast food container machine is easy to collect and effective use. As a supplement to recycling technology, degradation technology is very noteworthy. According to the introduction of relevant units, foreign recycling accounts for 90% of the total environmental pollution control, while degradation technology accounts for 10% of the total environmental pollution control. That is to say, no degradation technology is used for recycling. On the contrary, if it can not or is not easy to recover, degradation technology should be adopted to treat it. At present, degradation technology is used to develop.

PS Although some progress has been made in the replacement of foam lunch boxes, there are still some problems in the production of tableware produced by foam fast food container machine, whether photodegradable, biodegradable or compound degradation routes. In particular, the cost reduction and degradation rate control need to be further studied.

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