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Pulp Molding Egg Tray Making Machine Longkou

Pulp moulding egg tray making machine longkou is one of the main equipment for producing pulp moulding products. There are several kinds of moulding methods. Rotary egg tray making machine longkou has the highest efficiency and is suitable for producing large batch and shallow moulding products such as fruit holder, egg holder and bottle holder. The grouting moulding machine is mainly used to produce pulp with simple shape and lighter weight, such as fast-food utensils and trumpet paper basins. Die-casting machines are mainly used to produce pulp moulds with high bearing capacity and positioning function. Reciprocating and reciprocating moulding machines make pulp moulding cushioning and shock-proof packaging products the main models. In China, 95% of the moulding machines are reciprocating moulding machines, which have low production efficiency, high energy consumption and poor adaptability of raw materials. It is urgent to solve the defects of reciprocating moulding machines by using reciprocating egg tray making machine longkou. Rotary forming machine was introduced into China in the mid-1990s, and it has been rapidly developed and improved. With the continuous progress of technology of domestic reworking moulding machine, its superiority and advancement are more and more demonstrated.

Up to now, the pulp moulding equipment produced in our country can adopt advanced air control technology, PLG man-machine interface technology, etc. It can integrate the requirements of pulp moulding process and adopt unique design to meet the needs of different types of products. Under the condition of guaranteeing the forming effect and the quality of production, we can produce the same product in large quantities and many kinds of products at the same time. We can also flexibly determine the quantity of equipment according to the scale of the product and realize full automatic control.

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