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PS Foamed Sheet Extruder

The ps foaming sheet unit in ps foam sheet extrusion line is the most commonly used international production equipment of Okada type two-stage series high foaming sheet. This equipment injects foaming agent at high pressure in the extrusion process with general-purpose polystyrene only raw material. After extrusion by die head, foaming, cooling, setting and traction, it is rolled into PSP finished sheet. After vacuum suction molding, the sheet can be made into a variety of packaging containers: disposable fast food boxes, aquatic dishes, supermarket dishes and other products, widely used in food, fruit, advertising, industrial product packaging, etc. The machine has the advantages of advanced structure, stable performance, simple operation and high automation range.

Our company is one of the producers specializing in the production of high-performance plastic sheet and sheet extrusion equipment. The company enjoys a high reputation in China due to its highly specialized and specialized extrusion equipment for ps foam sheet extrusion line, and has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. At present, the company's main products are: a variety of single-layer or multi-layer ps foamed sheets extrusion line, single/twin screw extruder, three-roll calender, setting device, cooling rack, traction. Machines, shears, sawmills, stackers and winders, as well as various related components such as mirror rollers, embossing rollers, screw, machine simplicity, edge material recovery and conveyor, etc. The company has been committed to the development, design, research and production of various high-quality plate, sheet extrusion production lines, and can report the special requirements of users tailor-made a variety of non-standard production lines.

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