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Professional Manufacturing of the PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

The ps foam sheet extrusion line is suitable for many fields. PP/PS absorbent sheet, PP/PS single-layer sheet, PP/PS co-extruded double-color sheet, PP double-sided high permeability sheet and other sheets are used in the absorbent packaging industry.

PP stationery film

PP transparent sheet, frosted sheet (coarse sand, fine sand), double-color sheet and other sheets are used in stationery packaging industry.

PP foamed sheet

PP foamed sheet has unique advantages, and PP foamed sheet with density greater than 0.45g/cm3 has good flexural resilience and is not easy to deform, so it has broad application prospects in the fileshare field; PP foamed sheet with density of 0.6g/cm3 has good mechanical properties, and has a very broad future in the field of automobile interior decoration. It can be processed into carpet support material, light shield, sound insulation board and luggage rack. PP foam sheet with density of 0.3g/cm3 has good flexibility and resilience, suitable for packaging, shelf and other fields.

PS conductive sheet

Usage: Mainly used in semiconductor electronic computer communication and other products, especially in the packaging of accessories or equipment requiring dust-free, electrostatic, discharge protection and shielding electromagnetic/radio frequency interference. There are PS narrow band, food packaging, etc.

Our ps foam sheet extrusion line has the characteristics of good performance and low energy consumption. The barrel screw, mirror roller, mesh changer and die produced by our company independently have the advantages of guaranteed quality and reasonable price, and have absolute leading advantages in the same industry.

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