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Plastic Foamed Sheet

(1) Polystyrene ps foam sheet extrusion line : Pearl board, KT board, all kinds of composite cardboard (white cardboard, color cardboard, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, aluminized film cardboard, photo frame board), back glue, etc.

(2) High impact polystyrene (HIPS) sheets;

(3) Polyvinyl chloride foam board (PVC): free foam board, crust foam board, co-extrusion board, etc.

(4)PS foam sheet extursion line of PVC and other PS products

(5) Complete production lines for manufacturing various polyethylene products, polystyrene foam products, HIPS sheets and PP sheets: extruders, laminators, laminators, cold mounting machines, glue coaters, plastic suction machines and cutting machines;

(6) Specialized in the production of polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam products foam masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch and color masterbatch.

The ps foam sheet extrusion line has the characteristics of high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, low sound insulation density, high recovery rate and independent bubble structure.

It has the low surface water absorption and good anti-permeability.

It is corrosion resistant to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents, and has excellent aging resistance.

Not flowing at high temperature, not brittle cracking at low temperature.

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