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Overview of Carton Manufacturing Equipment in Egg Carton Production Line

Cardboard color cartons are a kind of packaging containers widely used in sales. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, and it has to go through such processing procedures as fixed cut paper, decoration printing, polishing, die-cutting indentation, folding paste box and so on. Previously, single-machine production was the main process, and manual operation was also needed in some processes. The production efficiency was low, the labor intensity was high, and the quality of cartons was not high.

With the application of high-tech such as CAD/CAM, CNC and laser in carton industry, the mechanization and automation level of egg carton production line has been greatly improved. For example, the emergence of high-speed fully automatic die-cutting machine, compared with the past need for manual operation of carton machine work efficiency increased by nearly 10 times; the development of fully automatic folding carton machine success, the end of the history of common carton manual pasting. The use of CAM equipment, such as automatic cutting machine, automatic bender, carton proofing machine, CNC laser graphics cutting machine, can be described as a technological revolution in the production of box die cutting board.

Owing to the variety and complex structure of cartons, the processing technology of egg carton production line and the wide range of subject knowledge involved. It is very difficult to realize the generalization, standardization and serialization of manufacturing equipment. Because of the weak foundation of China's carton industry, there is a big gap between its manufacturing equipment and international advanced level. Therefore, there is a great space for the development of carton machinery in China, and it is very important to further develop advanced carton manufacturing equipment.

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