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General Situation of Pulp Mould Production Equipment

The pulp moulding industry has a history of more than 80 years. At present, the pulp moulding industry in developed countries such as Britain, Iceland and Canada has a large scale and mature technology. Our country introduced a egg carton production line of rotary drum pulp moulding from El Company of France in 1984, and the first pulp moulding production line developed by ourselves came out in 1988. Our pulp moulding egg box production line industry started from scratch and ended the history of pulp moulding equipment relying on imports. But before 1993, the products were single and of low grade, mainly poultry eggs. Fruit and beer trays dominate. With the increase of export trade and the restriction of environmental protection for export products, pulp moulding industry has made a new leap in China since 1995. By the late 1990s, pulp moulding industry began to move towards scale and industrialization. Now domestic pulp moulding equipment can not only supply domestic, but also have production lines exported to foreign countries.

The main production equipment of pulp moulding products are: hydraulic pulper, pulp mixing tank, moulding machine, dryer, hot press, trimmer and so on.

After the efforts of more than ten years, the equipment level of pulp moulding egg box production line in our country has made considerable progress, but there are still many shortcomings. The main manifestations are as follows: 1) backward means of mould manufacturing, low efficiency, high cost, resulting in poor product processing quality; 2) 95% of moulding machines in our country are reciprocating, three-position moulding is very low-key, and the overall level of automation is not high. The production efficiency is low. The hot press in the equipment also uses electric heating in a certain range, which consumes enormous energy. 3) Small parts suitable for paper-plastic specialty mainly depend on imports. 4) The domestic pulp model moulding has not yet been standardized.

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