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Foaming Tableware Has been Eliminated. What Products Will Replace It?

Foaming Tableware Has been Eliminated. What Products Will Replace It?

Disposable polystyrene foamed tableware is difficult to degrade, and it is difficult to recycle. To this end, the 6 order of the State Economic and Trade Commission has clearly stipulated that by the end of 2000, the foam food box machine will be completely banned from the production of disposable foaming tableware, and the basic requirements of the replacement products are put forward, that is, it is easy to recycle and easy to degrade. The new national standard of dishware tableware has been tightened up and is expected to come out in the year. So what is the right alternative?

In order to answer this question, we must have a full understanding of the following questions before we can reach a scientific conclusion.

(一) Material issues

Fast food tableware is disposable consumer goods, with a short usage period and large consumption. Therefore, the source of raw materials by the foam food box machine should be based on the domestic market, minimizing imports of raw materials, avoiding dependence on foreign exchange and uncontrollable changes in the international market. Like cardboard tableware, because its raw material is mainly wood pulp, and China's wood resources are seriously scarce, so a large number of cardboard tableware production is not in line with China's national conditions. In addition, supervision and management should be strengthened for the production of foam food box machine with complex raw materials and difficult quality guarantee.

(二) Current situation of production

In recent years, China's fast food industry has developed rapidly, and the consumption of tableware in the country has exceeded 10 billion. The production of foam food box machine is increasing by more than 6% annually. From the current market usage, foamed PS tableware is still the mainstream of fast-food tableware in the near future. There are more than 130 tablet pullers. The annual consumption of PS raw materials is about 100,000 tons, and the production capacity is more than 12 billion. At present, the production of polypropylene (PP) tableware is not large, only using photodegradable/biodegradable PP lunch boxes in railway system, and the consumption is about 300 million. However, due to its good effect in railway use, many enterprises have launched new products of this kind. There are more than 30 kinds of foam food box machines for cardboard cutlery and pulp moulded tableware. However, most of the manufacturers are in a state of shutdown because their price or performance is worse than PS, so their capacity is estimated to be around 3 billion. Other types of tableware, such as grass fiber and starch, have a small amount of production capacity, but they have not yet entered the market formally. They are in the perfect stage, with an estimated production capacity of about 500 million. Therefore, from the current production capacity of foam food box machine has been greatly overlooked, such as the current investment and plant must consider the development direction of fast food utensils and market competition, otherwise it will cause huge losses to enterprises.

(三) Production process

In order to make fast food packaging products occupy the market, tableware manufacturers must consider the following production processes.

1. Continuous Automation Production

The large quantity of fast food tableware must increase the capacity of the foam food box machine, so the foam food box machine must have the function of continuous automatic production to occupy the larger market, and at the same time, the cost can be reduced.

2. Utilization of Side Raw Material

There will be waste or leftover materials in the production process of fast food containers in foamed box machines. If these materials are not recycled, they will have a significant impact on output and cost. The higher the cost of recycling is, the higher the product cost is, and the weaker the market competitiveness is. These problems, such as degradable plastics and paper cutlery, have not yet been solved.

(四) Storage and transportation of products

Fast-food tableware is used in large quantities and circulates quickly, so the storage and transportation requirements are relatively high. Generally, light handling is required in transportation to avoid severe vibration, extrusion and wind and rain; storage period should be placed in warehouses with 5-40 C, relative humidity below 80%, good ventilation and anti-rat and moisture conditions, and above 15CM from the ground. Unsealed batch products should be stored for a shelf life of not less than one year. Therefore, the above factors must be fully considered for degradable plastic tableware, pulp moulded tableware and other fully biodegradable tableware in order not to make the product become waste.

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