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Foam Plastic Tableware Has Nothing to Do With Dioxins

The plastic tableware made from foam fast food container machine can produce dioxin strong carcinogens when heated at 65 degrees. This is a widely circulated statement for a long time. Some analysis shows that this statement is wrong.

The necessary conditions for dioxin production are as follows: benzene ring containing substances and chlorine and bromine containing substances coexist; the optimum temperature for dioxin production is 270 400 above 200 C; and the presence of metal catalysts. The main material of foamed plastics is polystyrene (PS).

PS foam plastics are made by extrusion and foaming directly using PS material, adding butane and other additives. The production process is a physical mixing process without chemical reaction. PS foam plastic tableware is made by vacuum hot molding of the foam fast food container machine . After molding, it is packed immediately in a safety film bag and then packed into a carton. PS foam tableware is a container directly contacted with food. Its hygienic performance must meet the requirements of national standards, so it will not contact with the external environment, even if there is trace chlorine gas in the air, it will not be polluted. PS foam plastic tableware is packed in ready-to-use packages. When filling hot meals, the temperature of PS foam plastic tableware is not more than 100 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, we can draw a clear conclusion that foam plastic tableware has nothing to do with dioxins. The return of disposable foamed plastic tableware to common people's life still lies in finding a way out. The disposable foamed plastic lunch box was first introduced into the mainland of China by enterprises in Taiwan, but the problem of recycling and absorption of this kind of lunch box was not solved at that time. At that time, the disposal of waste disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes was landfill, which posed a great threat to the environment. It was against this background that the "prohibition of white decrees" of the state at that time was promulgated. With the improvement of the technology of the foam fast food container machine, the disposable foam plastic lunch box has become a raw material for production, and can be used for the production of building adhesives, paints, coatings, etc.

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