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Comparative Analysis of B2B Business Model of Take Away Food in China

National VS Region: Interpenetration of Scale Advantage and Regional Adaptability Advantage

From the perspective of the scope of business development, take assay B2B e-commerce can be divided into national and regional. The national B2B e-commerce has abundant capital, enough capacity to establish take away food supply network and take away food box machine supply chain nationwide, and has unparalleled scale advantages. Regional B2B is based on local, deep-ploughed areas. The advantage of regional B2B is that take away products have strong regional consumption preference and cultural environment preference. Regional B2B has strong adaptability to this preference, which is an asymmetric advantage relative to the national scale effect of B2B. In the process of B2B development, the advantages of scale and regional adaptability permeate and transform each other.

Urban VS Countryside: The Logic of Growth Determined by Endowment

Business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, which have taken the lead in the first and second-tier cities, mostly choose the first and second-tier cities as their base areas and continue to infiltrate into the cities and rural areas below the third tier. In order to avoid direct conflict with enterprises with first-mover advantages in first-tier and second-tier cities, some enterprises adopt the strategy of channel sinking to differentiate their distribution according to their own take away food box machine supply chain resources. At present, there are enterprises whose main business areas are below the third-tier cities, which give full play to their strong logistics advantages of take away food box machine supply chain, and sink their services to cities or even rural areas below the third-tier. There are enterprises whose main distribution areas are rural markets and their own national warehousing logistics system and postal promoters, which expand in rural areas. The take away B2B enterprises, as long as they can choose the right path according to their own endowments, are expected to occupy a place in the feast of take away B2B market in China.

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