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Classification of Egg Tray

Egg tray is generally used to hold eggs. The egg tray production line factory can be divided into pulp and plastic egg trays according to the different materials. According to the number of eggs, they can be divided into single egg tray and tray egg tray.

Pulp egg tray
Pulp egg tray is made of recycled paper pulp pressed by moulding machine in the egg tray production line factory. Because of its simple manufacturing process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called "green" packaging, which is one of the most common egg holders in our daily life.

Plastic egg tray
Plastic egg tray is a kind of egg tray production line factory which uses plastic as material, but it produces colorful and exquisite eggshell. Because of its high cost, it is commonly used in high-end supermarkets.

Monomer egg tray
Monomer egg tray is generally used in family or western restaurant, with cute shape, easy to use, can effectively prevent eggs from rolling off the table. It is optional small tableware for fashionable home.

Dish egg tray
Dish egg tray can hold dozens of eggs in one tray according to the size of the tray. It is also the most commonly used packaging tool for eggs.

Ice cream tray
Ice cream tray and the above four trays are not the same kind. They are named for their main materials, which are made of eggs. They are one of the most common cups for ice cream. Because its main ingredient is egg cakes, it can be eaten.

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