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Large automatic drum molding machine egg box manufacturing machine

Manual egg carton making machine is the production of eggs and other pulp molded products of special equipment, the old manual egg carton making machine high energy consumption, huge maintenance, expensive investment costs and production costs are unbearable. The company has developed a new manual egg carton making machine - large automatic drum machine.

What can large automatic drum molding machine do? Large rotary drum moulding machine is suitable for mass production of products of the same specification, especially for the production of fruit trays, egg trays, egg boxes and other products. The product is automatically transferred to the drying line for drying after molding.

Advantages of large automatic drum forming machine: a. compact structure and need small floor space. B. The equipment has high production efficiency and good working performance. C. High degree of automation, PLC and intelligent touch screen control system, simple operation, accurate control. All Chinese interface display, equipment working status intuitive, fault display, alarm function.
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