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Introduction of take away food container making machine

The take away food container making machine adopts the computer digital system, PLC mechatronics automatic control and touch screen control working program, easy to operate and high production efficiency. It has the characteristics of stability and reliability, large forming area, fast forming speed and high degree of automation.

The working flow of the take away food container making machine is as follows: feeding heating area (far infrared ceramic heater heating) -- forming area (vacuum forming, stamping forming and comprehensive forming) -- pneumatic cutting knife (cutting forming sheet). 1. It is a fully functional thermoplastic polystyrene foam box molding machine, is vacuum forming and cutting integration of l-shaped molding machine. 2. PS foaming food boxes/containers, foam (eggs/meat) tray, burger box, foam board/bowl, fruit tray, etc. Foam container has the characteristics of impact resistance, crushing resistance, heat insulation and so on. Widely used in supermarkets, shops and other places of hot and frozen food packaging. The far infrared ceramic heater is used in the heating zone, so that the most stable and uniform temperature can be obtained for the take away food container making machine.
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