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How to maintain egg carton making machine in winter

In winter, manual egg carton making machine is not as smooth as in the spring, summer and autumn, this is a lot of customers in this season reaction, so why is this situation? Manual egg carton making machine factory's technical personnel to give you the most professional solution.

Usually it’s the winter that has this kind of situation with Manual egg carton making machine, because the weather turns cool, when equipment is up and running will be slow, even for an hour before it start the production also will be lower, this kind of situation usually happened in northeast even colder regions, so what does it need to keep it maintain under this situation?

First of all, the temperature of the main engine workshop should be increased, and the operation of the equipment will be more smooth when the temperature reaches a certain level. Secondly, if the temperature is not reached, then you can choose to use hot water on the host, let the host and mold in the downtime ice generated by melting. Third: as far as possible do not stop, being 24 hours continuous operation will not affect the service life of the equipment, this time will make the operation of the equipment more smooth
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