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Company Culture

1.Corporate vision

to make Hongrun Machinery a world-renowned company

2.Enterprise tenet:

to manufacture customer satisfaction equipment and provide sincere after-sales service

3.Development goal

"Create a first-class industry and be the first in the country"

4.Entrepreneurial spirit

"Unity and hard work, dedication and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to be the world."

"Unity" is a basic guiding ideology for the sound development of a company, through communication, coordination, and cooperation.

To create a fair and just good corporate environment, and to form a situation of unity and consistency.

"Struggle" must be accurate and efficient in the work, and there must be "less than the Great Wall" when completing the task.

In the heroic feelings of non-good guys, we must have the heroic spirit of “not bowing, not admitting defeat, wiping tears, and persisting”. In formulating realistic and practical goals, we encourage moderate advancement and oppose arrogance.

"Benevolence" people have "humanity", and enterprises are people's books that are naturally composed of people.

Sex. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. However, what is “people-oriented” and “humanized management”, through the perfect care system, let employees feel the respect, help and love of the company, so that employees love the company, love the work, and love the enterprise. Retaining good employees is the company's greatest asset.

"Dedication" is people-oriented and guarantees the maximum protection of every employee under certain conditions.

interest. The premise is that there are such "certain conditions" that this condition is not innate. It is created by every employee of the company. Everyone must work hard (work) to dedicate their talents and strengths to create this condition, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefits.

"Innovation and innovation" is the soul of enterprise development through extensive research activities.

And staff rationalization proposals to achieve full staff innovation; through the modernization, information and standardization of management concepts and means to achieve technological innovation and management innovation; through extensive exchanges and cooperation with the outside world, to achieve new technology cooperation and win-win.

"Dare to be the best in the world" is the source of success in the world. It is necessary to dare to learn and dare to practice innovation. It is necessary to change learning and adapting, to generate and develop in adaptation, and to take the initiative to learn and innovate as a kind of work ability. When it comes to the changing market and the relationship with the industry, any employee of the company has and should have the spirit of being the best in the world.

5.The core value of the company: to make customers satisfied, to let shareholders rest assured, to make employees happy

The ultimate goal of the company is to create value. The value of the material material enterprise survival and development, Imagine, some people will buy equipment or services of no value? No one buys your equipment or service and what do you rely on to make a profit? Only if your product or service is valuable and recognized by the society will it bring you a steady stream of profits. Similarly, employees must work hard to create value for the business in order to get the rewards they deserve. Therefore, customers, enterprises, and talents each serve each other, and at the same time take the needs and reflect each other's values.

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