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Application of thermoforming of polystyrene foam food container production line

Polystyrene foam food container production line using the vacuum forming technology, vacuum forming is a simplified form of hot forming, it will be a piece of plastic is heated to a molding temperature, drawing on the surface of a single mould, and then through the vacuum will be applied to the mould, to form a permanent objects, such as toll road signs and confinement. Thermoforming is different from injection molding, blow molding, rotary molding and other forms of processing plastics. Thin thermoforming is mainly used to manufacture disposable cups, containers, LIDS, trays, blisters, clamps, and other products in the food, medical and general retail industries.

The type of thermoforming mold has wood grain; Cast aluminum mold; Machining aluminum mold; Composite mould;

The main characteristics of polystyrene foam food container production line.

1) In the digital temperature controller, the temperature setting is convenient, the temperature control precision is high;

2) Ceramic and radiant plate oven heaters usually provide more accurate and thorough plate heating, allowing the oven to be divided into adjustable heating areas;

3) Instead of the traditional industrial standard gas cylinder, it gives more precise tools to control the closing and opening speed and time;

4) As the commonly used electric servo motor is used to calibrate the gas cylinder, gear rack and clutch on the old machine, thus greatly improving the ability to place the forming plate in the inner assembly station for more accurate trimming and registration; 5) The electric servo motor is used on the shaping machine of the polystyrene foam food container production line to drive the sheet materials with forming and trimming tools;
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